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products offers magneto magnetizer products. About 16% of these are mobile phone bags & cases, 7% are magnetic materials, and 5% are. “Could you send plans and drawings for the magneto charger in your article?” This was the most frequent inquiry I had after my November GEM article on . I would like to build a magnet charger like the one John Rex wrote in the January I have been a full time Magneto Restorer/Repairman for quite a number of.

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My switch came from the electric distribution room of a local manufacturing company. It can charge most mags without dismantling. Building a heavy duty magnet charger Make it at home. It took about 2 hours to locate a supplier for the wire and the only other trouble was finding some high amp rated diodes.

Note the automobile battery for power and a compass for checking magneto polarity before charging. HPT is a better wire for the job than Formvar and has a higher temp coating just in case you leave it on too long. Tighten a nut and lock washer over each lug.

D28x10mm Magnetos Permanente N Cut manila folder into a strip, wind and cement it to the core between insulating washers. A wide variety of magneto magnetizer options are available to you, such as free samples. Is the decay of magnetism satisfactory? An auxiliary set of pole pieces in conjunction with the first set is used in most charging applications and is essential for magnetos such as the Bosch AB and AB But, it’s all together now and boy does it sock the juice to the magnets and it weighs in the lb.

After following this thread, I just have to build me a pounder “REX” Magnet Charger, to replace my toy one that weighs about Blueprints for an Ironwood Engine. Customzied specific requirements magnetized The production will be started as soon as we received your payment. If charging a magnet that is completely demagnetised, or when flipping the polarity of a magnet, we usually use two or three pulses.


Guide the wire through the notch on the insulating washer, scrape the insulation off and solder it to a lug at the terminal marked ‘2’.

Once the current has built to a maximum, the switch may be opened because a full charge has been delivered to the magneto magnets. Two people are required, one to operate the lathe clutch, while the second layers wire onto the core with gloved hands. The charger plans from the GEM are great, but I’m afraid it would pull my fillings out of my teeth!

Fancier ammeters are available from electronic supply houses or surplus electronics stores. Additional time does nothing but drain the battery. If an ordinary switch is used, always check the ammeter to make sure the current has stopped flowing when the switch is opened. For us, the customers are our god, the spare parts are our only thing, very low business running costs are easily to offer very low quotes for our clients.

Building a heavy duty magnet charger

Some steels have higher permeability than others. New three lines and the annual output is 15, tons. The problem with many of these small projects is finding the right materials.

John using the charger at a local New England engine show. By comparison with the internal magnetiser, the magnetic path length through the external magnetiser externally of the magneto from one side of the magneto to the other is many times longer.

Told them exactly what I needed and they came up with two spools at a very good price. This is important, magnwto there have been cases where magnetk enclosed switch has had the contacts stick closed even though it indicated open. True, ampere turns do the job, but I still wonder about the actual mass of the iron.


Brightspark Magnetos – Magnetisers

A second pair magjeto diodes is necessary to prevent damage to the first set in the event the battery is connected backwards. If you want to make a better charger, use Alnico steel. The figures show optimal pole piece placement for charging most popular magnetos. Could I get samples9 Yes,we have materials in stock to help you to get the samples as soon as we can. They will also wrap the outside coil and seal it to make it “purdy”.

So a good charger can be done under 40lbs, it is the turns that count, ,agnetizer the weight. Paul, I’m thinking of using the coil assembly from K type railroad relay, and reconfiguring the positioning to have the end that originally moved the relay armature marry up to the magnet poles.

I have taken the four field coils from a Ford auto starter and I am in the process of mounting them on the short legs of the “U”. Most Lucas magnetos are designed so that if the magnet does not have some sort of keeper such as the magneto armatureits magnet strength does not fall significantly below the maximum operating level. The magnetic field is a pulse of very short duration while the capacitor discharges. We have many grade materials in our stock to help you to let the lead time shorter.

If an ammeter is used, it should be placed away from the coils so the magnetic field won’t affect meter accuracy. Chargers have been described in the following issues: I talked to a local motor rewind shop about winding the coils so I don’t have to buy small spools of wire.

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