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College or University, Accepts IGETC and CSU GE. Alliant International University, Yes. Arizona State University, Yes. Azusa Pacific University, Yes. DIRECTIONS: Identify courses taken at IVC; list courses taken at other colleges; and/or indicate name of test and score (AP). All courses must be completed with. Click here to learn more about IGETC for UC. Choose a California Community College to see course articulation information related to this major at this and.

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The MiraCosta Community College District s programs are consistent with the college s mission, vision, and core values. Responsibility for filing this application rests with the student, and transcripts for all college work attempted must be on file for the application to be considered.

IGETC recommended for this major?

Students will learn the computer science principles that are critical to development of software, hardware and networking of computer systems. Courses appropriate for general education will include the following criteria: Louis UMSL who plan. Communication Science Emphasis Associate in Arts.

Los Angeles Valley College. They have achieved a minimum grade point average of 2.


Physical Education Requirements Students under 21 years of age are required. UCCS requires at least two years of high school or two semesters of college foreign language equivalent. In this section you will find: Mathematics 6 semester credits III.

Colleges that accepts IGETC and CSU GE | IVC

College of the Canyons. I believe he also teaches at UCLA. Ads can be annoying, but they allow us to provide you this resource for free. Associate of Science in a Specific Program Jvc courses with course numbers may. Essays are long but he isn’t a tough grader.

Transcripts must be received in a sealed envelope and can not be stamped “Issued to Student” to be considered official. A course which does not appear on an agreement does not transfer to LMU. Submit a Correction Learn how ratings work. Please see an IVC counselor to determine your lower-division major requirements. The college offers students the choice of 34 A. If students choose to follow the IGETC, they must complete it before they transfer; otherwise, they will be required to satisfy the specific lower-division ihetc education requirements of the college or school at the campus they attend.

A minimum of 12 units in the certificate program must be completed at Irvine Valley College.

Community College Credit Transfer Articulation Agreements

Make sure you use proper grammar! There are many policies in place for current students that wish to take a limited number of courses at another school with the intent of transferring them to Pepperdine.


Help guide your fellow classmates by giving them the inside scoop!

The two courses used to meet this requirement may also be used to meet 6 of the 9 units in Area D. College students enrolled at accredited institutions may plan for their future at LMU by following the information provided in the transfer agreements and meeting our transfer requirements and deadlines.

Please contact your admissions counselor or the Enrollment Services Office directly at: Athlete Concurrent Enrollment Notification. A transfer course will appear in the list of courses paired with its direct LMU equivalent.

Speaking Courses that fulfill this requirement igehc the study of the nature, processes, and effects of human symbolic interaction, both verbal and nonverbal.

Hope you had a good semester. We’re all counting on you.

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