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Cours d’électrochimie, 3 année GP. Edited by Université d’El Oued, Travail pratique N° 02 Redressement Triphasé Non Commandé. DOI/RG 1 déc. Variateurs entrée monophasée à V c.a., sortie triphasée (50/60 Hz, .. Kit de remplacement de ventilateur – Taille F, 1 ventilateur, redresseur, réglage adaptatif surveillent les variables qui changent au cours du. Redressement, commandé monophasé et triphase (charges RLE) Option: Coniminde). VOLUME HORAIRE HEBDOMADAIRE: VHHI. COURS. 3h. VHH. TD .

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Electronic regulator for alternator intended for charging a battery, in particular for a motor vehicle.

Country of ref document: It is noted that the rectifier 9 is interconnected in the winding supply circuit fixed excitation 1 across which is connected in parallel a freewheeling diode In this case, the three phases of excitation windings can be connected either in series or in parallel. This type of construction does not show magnetic legs for the return flow transient.

DT – Technician’s Diploma.

Bi-toroidal transverse magnetic amplifier with core structure providing highest symmetry and a closed magnetic path. It is therefore understood the particular advantage of the invention in this case of operation.

These known devices, however, have major drawbacks due to the fact that several of these operate in saturation, have a very significant waveform distortion due to harmonic current generated in the magnetic circuits and have a low power factor.

Date of ref document: Benefiting from the constructive isolation of auxiliary windings 7, couurs and by treating the three-phase voltage U, V, W to the alternator output into a high impedance input circuit, the invention thus provides the control the coufs voltage transformerless.


EPA1 – Variable inductance – Google Patents

According to an advantageous characteristic of the invention, the voltage across the exciter field winding to adjust the negative droop of the alternator and voltage across the third-harmonic auxiliary winding is used to adjust the positive droop alternator.

Initiation and development training. The above device is particularly well adapted to the implementation of the process according to the invention.

GB Free format text: As shown in Figures 8 to 11, harmonic levels, calculated for only one of the three-phase inductance phase of Figure 4, are very low and even negligible for some harmonics.

EP0010502A1 – Variable inductance – Google Patents

OK Learn more about. BE Free format text: Reference web site in the training domain in Luxemburg, lifelong-learning. IT Free format text: Figure 7 shows a family of saturation curves. Figure 18 shows the characteristic curves of the cylindrical three-phase inductance of Figure 17 according to the DC control ampere turns and in accordance with a self-control. In the device for implementing the above method, the excitation of the inductor supply circuit comprises a first auxiliary winding which collects the third harmonic voltage of the alternator, and redressemdnt current regulating member excitation.

A system according to any redrdssement claims 6 to 10, characterised in that the rdressement energising the exciting field 1 comprises a resistance 13the voltage across which is applied to a comparator 34 whose reference input receives a reference voltage and whose output is connected to the control element 12 to limit the strength of the exciting current and, therefore, the shortcircuit current to a predetermined value.


DE Date of ref document: Defence, Prevention and Security.

Control process for a reversible electric generator-motor machine of a motor vehicle, and use of such a process. Indeed, the control system proposed for the inductance variable permeability of the cylindrical type shown reddessement Figure 17, is particularly advantageous in an application in static compensator.

Graphics and printing industry. Furthermore, in the self-controlled embodiment of the single-phase variable inductance circuit of Figure 2, it can realize an inverse control of low power of the DC magnetic field in the core N.

Education for people with specific requirements. The arrangement of Figure 4 provides a range of variations, the impedance in the same order of magnitude as in the previous case an appreciable reduction in relative losses, so an increase in the inductor quality factor.

Personal working time arrangement. Training and education consulting. Validation of non-formal and informal learning – VAE.

Indeed, as indicated above, the response time of the variable inductor is of the order or less than one cycle for a 60 Hertz mains voltage and the tran- sition occurs without distortion of the current. For the University Diplomas – Bachelor and Master.

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