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CoA “ABR Navy Technical Regulations Manual”, Commonwealth of Australia, Director of Technical Regulations – Navy, See ABR Volume 2 Section 5 Chapter 2 Annexes A&B for risk and engineering authority levels. Endorsement indicates that technical risk has been . 1. ASC Engineering Management Plan, and subsidiary processes. 2. Judgement of Significance (ABR). 3. Take 5. Key Behavioral Competencies Required.

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Tags for hoses other than hyperbaric shall be 0. Irrespective of the requirement at paragraph 35, all prototype hose assemblies are to be subjected to a proof or initial pressure as required at paragraph The maximum working pressure for which a hose is designed. The approved fire sleeve tape has been codified under NSN For hyperbaric applications, only approved hoses shall be used.

Hoses operating in vacuum service shall be tested to psig kPa. A hose shall not have a rated working pressure that is less than the design pressure of the portion of the system in which it is to be installed.

The Naval Technical Regulatory System. Normally equal to twice 2x the rated working pressure of the hose.

One sample of each new type of hose assembly is to be subjected to a qualifying hydrostatic pressure test of the complete assembly, including end fittings, of five times the maximum system working pressure or qbr hose assembly proof pressure, whichever is higher apart from hyperbaric hoses.

Alternatively, the tape can be procured by local purchase as follows: Changes in physical properties of rubber over a period of time due to long term exposure to heat, sunlight, ozone, moisture, etc. Service life is considered continuous once started and includes intermittent down time.

Any cut, nick or abrasion that removes one half of the cover thickness shall be cause for rejection. Once put into service, the repaired hose assembly shall then be routinely inspected iaw the current maintenance practice and the tape renewed if it displays fraying or unbonding.


This may take the form of a test certificate for abf individual device or a quality certificate abt with a group of devices of which an ab item is a part. Following its presentation and receipt, the report. In such cases the hose assembly can be assumed to have a remaining service life of eight years.

A legible marking, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the hose, which identifies the hose as required by the applicable specification.

Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

Military specifications for hose require the cure date to be expressed as the quarter and year of manufacture. A device sbr to the ends of a hose to facilitate the connection of a hose Page 5 of 16 assembly to a piping system. Discover the magic of the Internet. The outer rubber layer of a hose assembly.

The strength arb of the hose containing fabric, cord or wire reinforcement. In the absence of this data the hose should be tested iaw the instructions provided above. Other authorised specific system instructions. The management of flexible hoses in the RAN has necessarily come under increased attention in recent times.

For hyperbaric hose identification requirements, avr consult the approved hose configuration drawing. OEM hoses may be replaced with hoses of the same material type, to an 6429 or higher standard, if the installed hoses have not been a problem, subject to CME or other DAR concurrence.

Upon fabrication of a hose assembly, the entire assembly configuration shall be visually examined as follows: The life cycle of a rubber hose contains two separate elements.

Therefore items suppled via the ADF supply chain can be assumed to comply with material requirements and the only certification required is evidence that the correct item has been demanded and supplied. The pressure at which rupture of the hose occurs. The assembly is to be dried and the end fittings capped, plugged or taped to prevent the ahr of contaminates.


Eg illustrations parts breakdowns APL etc Approved planned maintenance takes precedence over the generic instructions provided in this TM A continuous sleeve of interwoven single or multiple strands of yarn, cord or wire. System criticality shall be as determined at Table 1. Therefore the following shelf and service life is specified so that the optimum life may be obtained from these hoses: Cuts and abrasions, which expose glass fibre, shall be cause for rejection.

Develop and implement a plan to resolve loss of Naval Engineering. In general, the dash size is the inside diameter of a hose expressed in 16th of an inch.

The shelf life for rubber hose, either in bulk form or as a hose assembly, is four years 16 quarters from the date of manufacture, not counting the quarter of manufacture. There is no need to separately tag and track: From the above maximum life of rubber 642 in critical systems is 16 years.

Testing and Replacement of Flexible Piping Devices

A hyperbaric hose meeting the requirements of A ref B. The service life is determined by the criticality of the system in which it is installed. Robert Henry and [8] N. Technical quality continual improvement.

Alternative cleaning and drying methods, eg hose cleaning foam pellets, may be used providing it can be abd that the process will provide an equivalent level of cleanliness.

Gas Turbine Engine flexible hoses are wire braided teflon hoses fitted with a fire sleeve. This is 64922 but it is not a mandatory requirement and should not be demanded on Navy stores supplies. The criticality is used only to determine the expected service life cycle of rubber flexible hose assemblies iaw Table 1.

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